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Bausch And Lomb Eye Drops

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Bausch and Lomb Eye Drops

Keeping your eyes in the best of health is of the utmost importance, so you want to use care when selecting eye care products. Whether you're looking for eye drops for contact lens care or for addressing allergy symptoms, minor irritation or dry eye symptoms, Walgreens can help you find the high quality, effective eye drops that you need with an assortment of Bausch and Lomb products.

Over a Century of Innovation

In 1853, a German immigrant named John Jacob Bausch opened a small eyewear store in upstate New York. His friend Henry Lomb invested $60 in the shop to help him succeed, marking the start of a partnership that would forever change the world of eye care. By the turn of the century, Bausch and Lomb was a leading manufacturer of eyeglasses. The company continuously improved on the designs of optics, creating products for the U.S. military and the U.S. space program. In 1971, Bausch and Lomb invented soft contact lenses, providing the first comfortable alternative to eyeglasses. Since then, the company has continued to innovate and develop products to help people see more clearly and take the best possible care of their eyes.

True Commitment to Quality

Bausch and Lomb is completely dedicated to providing the best eye care products for people of all ages. All of the eye drops offered by the company were developed by teams of scientists and eye health experts and have undergone testing for safety and effectiveness. The quality of Bausch and Lomb eye drops has made the products favorites among optometrists and ophthalmologists, who frequently recommended the formulas to their patients.

Types of Bausch And Lomb Eye Drops

Bausch and Lomb offers a variety of eye drops with products formulated to meet virtually every eye care need. You can find eye drops for keeping contact lenses lubricated for comfortable wear all day and products designed to soothe and hydrate dry eyes offered under the Bausch and Lomb brand name. The brand also offers antihistamine eye drops that reduce redness, inflammation and watering due to allergies. If you're uncertain which Bausch and Lomb product is right for you, your eye doctor can provide you with advice.

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