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Get rid of annoying symptoms such as sneezing and a runny nose caused by allergens with Benadryl. It can also relieve itching skin, eyes, nose, and throat associated with allergies. Allergy symptoms can be annoying, but you can use Benadryl for fast, long-lasting relief.

Benadryl allergy relief

Benadryl tablets can temporarily relieve allergy symptoms in children and adults for up to six hours. If you are sensitive to dyes, Benadryl offers dye-free liqui-gels that contain the same effective ingredients. Liquid Benadryl is available for younger children and those who cannot swallow pills. Benadryl-D Children's Allergy & Sinus liquid has a grape flavor that children love, and it does not contain alcohol or sugar. It also relieves nasal congestion.

Creams, gels, and sprays

If you have itchy skin associated with allergens, insect bites, poison oak, poison ivy, or other irritants, try a Benadryl cream. These creams can relieve pain and itching quickly with a single application. Benadryl gel can also be used to relieve pain associated with minor burns and scrapes. For fast relief, try the extra strength Benadryl itch relief spray. Benadryl Readymist is just the right size for carrying along on trips to the park, hikes, or in a kit of first aid supplies. The small mist can be used with one hand, and it offers the same effective relief as the sprays, creams, and gels.

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