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Relieve pain quickly with one of the many available Bengay pain relief medications. Bengay provides penetrating pain relief with a direct topical application that seeps deeply into a pain-filled location for the speedy relief of a variety of pain issues. Pain relief gels and patches are also available for purchase if you prefer alternatives to the standard pain relief cream.

Pain relieving cream

Several varieties of Bengay pain relievers are available in a cream version for easy application. Simply spread the pain-relief cream over an affected area, and the relief begins almost immediately. Minor aches and pains will sometimes fade away completely, while more serious pains are significantly reduced. Whether the cause of the pain is from a backache, arthritis, or a strain, the penetrative power of the medication can reach deeply into the body, soothing irritated muscles for hours at a time. In addition to creams, Bengay also supplies pain relief gel. The gel is applied with an included massager that does its own part to relieve pain in affected area. After application, the scent of the gels fades away quickly, leaving no outward sign of usage behind.

Pain relief patches

There may be occasions when you don't have time for a Bengay cream or gel application, or you simply want the same level of relief for hours at a time. When this occurs, there's the Bengay pain relief patch. The patch is a self-adhesive topical analgesic that you can stick onto your skin over the painful area for consistent relief lasting hours. Like the cream, the patch provides relief from minor aches and pains, except with a more targeted approach. Patches can be cut to size for placement precisely where needed and provide pain relief without inhibiting your mobility.