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Black Cohosh

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Black cohosh

Black cohosh is a type of plant that is similar to the buttercup. Manufacturers use the natural ingredient in herbal supplements designed for women because it can help reduce the symptoms of menopause and menstruation. If you have tension associated with menstruation, you might use dietary supplements that contain black cohosh.

Choosing dietary supplements

Black Cohosh ingredient can reduce the tension and stress that you feel before your period starts. Black cohosh also reduces headaches and stomach cramps in some women. Other women uses these herbal supplements because they suffer from the symptoms of menopause. Some studies found that black cohosh can reduce those symptoms. When taking the supplements, you might experience fewer hot flashes, tension headaches, and other symptoms of menopause. Most manufacturers only use the plant in the supplement, but you should read the label because some companies add other ingredients.

Liquid supplements

Taking liquid supplements is an alternative way to get the benefits of black cohosh without taking solid supplements. If you have trouble taking oral supplements by mouth, you might prefer the liquid form. Liquid supplements often have an eye dropper on top, which makes it easy to take a single dose of the supplement every day. The other benefit to using a liquid supplement is that it is often less expensive than supplements in a tablet form. Look for black cohosh in a dark brown or black bottle because the dark color keeps the sun's rays from damaging the liquid.

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