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Blenders are handy tools to have in the kitchen for food preparation. Choose from a wide selection of blenders to find the right one for your needs. offers blenders from well-known brands like Sylvania.

Blenders and mixers

Blenders are ideal for crushing ice to make cold beverages or blending foods for baking and cooking. You can even use a blender to puree foods to feed your infant. Most blenders have convenient features such as various blending speeds and a pulse feature. The pulse feature is ideal for chopping foods like onions, peppers, fruits, and meats to make a variety of dishes. Mixers makes it easier to combine ingredients for recipes that require both liquid and dry ingredients such as cake mixes or batters.

Specialty blenders

If you want to make smoothies, blenders are available that have a convenient spout for dispensing the blended fruit and ice. You can also purchase hand blenders to make a single smoothie. This type of blender is easier to clean, and it is ideal for small blending tasks in the kitchen. If you want to make fruit juices at home, you can purchase a juicer that will extract the juice of any fresh fruit or vegetable with ease. If you want to make a variety of drinks for a party, try one of the blender systems that includes cups with resealing lids. You can make a different drink in each cup, so you don't have to keep washing your blender to make different types of drinks.

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