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Juicers let you make fresh fruit or vegetable juice at home. Electronic juicers have powerful blades that cut through heartier vegetables, letting the juice pour into a glass or bowl placed outside. Walgreens.com carries juicers from brands like Sylvania and Hamilton Beach.

Choosing an electric juicer

Choosing an electric juicer is sometimes hard because so many different manufacturers make these products. One of the first things you should look at is the type of juices or drinks that you want to make. A smoothie maker is similar to a blender because it contains strong blades at the base of the mixer. If you like smoothies or want something powerful enough to chop through ice, choose a smoothie maker. If you prefer traditional fruit juices, choose plastic or stainless steel juicers. The juicers keep the inedible parts of the fruits and vegetables in a separate container, leaving the juice behind. Some companies still make old-fashioned juicers for juicing citrus fruits. These juicers lack any blades because you push the citrus fruits onto a specially designed piece that releases the natural juices.

Other juicer products

Manufacturers now make a variety of different products that are similar to juicers. The Magic Bullet is one example because you can use this product as a mixer, blender or juicer. You can also find stand mixers with juicer attachments and blenders that let you make fruit juices at home. When using one of these products, you must strain the juice to remove any seeds, skin or pulp from the foods you juiced.