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Blue hair dye

Stand out from the crowd with blue hair dye. Let the shade you want determine how you use the hair color -- try after bleaching hair for a bold, vibrant blue, or skip the bleach to give your natural color a tint. Choose a blue-black hair dye to get the deep, dark shade you want or try a blonde hair dye with blue to reduce brassiness for a true platinum blonde. Walgreens.com carries brands Clairol, Revlon and more, so it's easy to choose the right blue hair dye for you.

Condition & color

Many blue hair dyes come with conditioners to moisturize while adding shine. Many hair dye products can also make hair look sleeker and smoother. Want to go boldly blue for a day? Try a temporary hair dye that washes out wth shampoo. Walgreens.com also has a selection of permanent dye and semi-permanent hair color products in a wide range of shades, so changing your look is always within reach.