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Body Scrubs

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Body scrubs

Choose from different scents, sizes and formulas of body scrubs to help deep clean your skin. Here at you'll find cleansing scrubs for different skin types. If you have sensitive skin, find a body scrub with gentle ingredients. If you want a pleasing fragrance, select from flower, fruit and other scents. Body scrub cleansers from Softsoap, Vitabath and more can help you exfoliate for smooth polished skin.

Radiant skin

You can find both general-purpose body scrubs or scrubs to address more specific issues. Some scrubs can be used in the shower as part of your daily cleansing routine. Other skin scrubs can be applied to specific areas to exfoliate dry, rough skin. There are some specially formulated body scrubs that may help even skin tone and minimize the appearance of age spots.

Skin care solutions

You can find a number of body cleansing washes or bar soaps for daily bathing. Body powder can help soothe skin and absorb moisture. Moisturizers and lotions for your face and body are available in various formulas, scents and sizes. There are also body treatments for special skin needs, as well as scar and stretch mark treatments to minimize the appearance of scars.

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