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Boys Training Pants

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Boys training pants

Make the transition of potty training easier with boys training pants. Absorbent training pants fit like underwear but are designed to prevent leaks when accidents occur. Boy's training pants come in different sizes for a comfortable fit. Training pants for boys from Pampers and Huggies are here at

Simplify for success

Potty training can be simplified when you use boy's training pants. Because they are similar to both diapers and underwear, the transition can be easier to understand and go more smoothly. Some training pants have favorite characters on them that disappear when they get wet. It can be an added incentive for your child to make it to the potty in time so his favorite character doesn't disappear.


Reward your toddler for continued success during potty training with a book or toys. We carry a wide selection of toys including toddler toys, plush animals and building sets to give to your child for a job well done. You can also find action figures and play sets and arts and crafts to help encourage your child along the way.

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