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Brow shapers

Keep your eyebrows in line with brow shapers. These tweezers and shapers include different types for creating your ideal arch or line. Brow shapers include safety razors for a precise line without nicking or cutting your skin. Some brow shaping sets even include scissors for trimming. Choose your brow shapers from brands such as Sally Hansen, Covergirl and Revlon depending on what you're most comfortable using.

More options

Additional eyebrow shaping tools include pencils, powder or sets with both. Brow pencils and brow powders fill in light areas to help you shape and define. Some eyebrow shaping kits include multiple colors that you can blend for a natural look. Eye brow pencils can come with sharpeners to help you maintain their tips. You can also choose a powder that includes multiple brushes to shape and color your brows. Different shades are available to help you find a match your brow color.

Cosmetics and skin care

Other hair removal options include facial hair removal creams and kits for the face and brows. We also carry a selection of cleansers, moisturizers and makeup to help you look your best. You'll find loose powder or liquid foundation for smooth-looking skin and eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner to make your eyes pop.