Burn Wound Dressings

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Burn wound dressings

If you are nursing a burn wound, it's important to get the proper burn wound dressing. Your doctor should have provided recommendations for the best dressing to protect and heal your burn. Hydrofiber dressings are absorbent and can be used in some cases for second-degree burns. For minor or first-degree burns, alignate dressing can often suffice. Find your doctor-recommended wound dressing from brands Medline, DuoDERM or AQUACEL.

Finding what you need

For your additional wound care needs, visit the patient care section in the home medical department of Walgreens.com. There are hydrogel dressings that help maintain a moist environment, and you can buy hydrogel separately as well. Hydrocolloid wound dressings absorb exudates and are commonly used for pressure ulcers. You'll also find surgical sponges and dressings that can conform to wounds of various sizes and shapes.

Patient care

In addition to burn wound dressings, we carry a wide range of home health care products and supplies. There are wound cleansing and skin repair products to help care for and restore injuries and abrasions. Personal hygiene products include no rinse shampoo, body wipes, and washcloths for use without having to get in the bath or shower.