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Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is the name behind several perfumes for women and colognes for men. Changing your scent can improve your self-confidence, and the new scent might make you stand out. The most important step in picking the right perfume involves smelling the notes found in the fragrance.

Choosing the right perfume

Manufacturers refer to the different ingredients and scents used in the perfume base as the notes. The 212 Sexy from Carolina Herrera uses sandalwood, cotton candy, musk, vanilla and orange for a scent that smells slightly musky and fruity. The traditional 212 scent uses lily, jasmine and gardenia, which has a floral scent. When looking for an eau de toilette spray, look for one that works well with your body chemistry. The scent smells significantly different on your skin than it does in the bottle. Try wearing the Carolina Herrera scent for a few hours and see how it smells on your body. You want a scent that smells good after it reacts to your body chemistry.

Scents for men

The Carolina Herrera line also features several colognes for men, including Herrera for Men. This scent mixes floral notes and citrus notes for a lighter fragrance that won't overwhelm your nose. The 212 for Men fragrance uses the same mixture of ingredients as the fragrance for women, but the male version adds musky overtones that keeps the scent from smelling too feminine. You can also find a deodorant spray from the company that uses strong scents in its base, including tobacco.