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Cat Grooming Equipment

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Cat grooming equipment

You can keep your felines fresh and clean with cat grooming equipment. Start with a shampoo for cats that deeply cleanses their fur. Conditioner for cats can make brushing easier and their coat smoother. Gentle use of a cat comb or cat brush can help prevent tangles, matting and hairballs. Select your cat grooming equipment from JW Pet, Pet Naturals, PetZoom or EmeryCat.

Healthy and happy

Scratching posts and scratching boards can help keep your cat or kitten's claws short. Keep your kitty clean with a flea shampoo or try a 2 in 1 pet shampoo and conditioner to take care of two steps at once. There are different forms of cat flea contro that include flea collars, sprays and topical applications that can kill fleas and ticks.

Feeding time

Stock up on dry or canned cat food. We carry both types of cat food in many varieties and flavors. You can also give your pet something special with cat treats and keep them occupied with cat toys. Daily essentials such as litter boxes, pans and litter are here as well.

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