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Chair Cushion Foam

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Foam Chair Cushion

A mobility scooter, wheelchair or lift chair can function as an important safety device, allowing you to do more things without risk of falling and without experiencing pain due to an injury, arthritis or another condition. In order for your scooter, wheelchair or lift chair to be completely useful to you, you must feel comfortable when you're using it. If you develop pain in your tailbone area, your back or your hips, you are unlikely to want to utilize your scooter or wheelchair for an outing or sit in your lift chair when you are at home. Adding a new chair cover cushion to your seat can help to alleviate this discomfort, so that you'll be able to get all of the benefits of your mobility device and be comfortable in the process. Using a seat cushion alleviates pressure from your bones and muscles and can also decrease the chances of you developing sores from sitting for long periods of time. Walgreens offers a wide selection of chair cushion foam options to meet your needs.

Selecting the Right Cushion

Because there are so many chair cushion foam options available on the market, you'll need to take some time to consider your needs. First, determine which type of foam is right for you. Basic high-density foam is resistant to wear and tear and can put more distance between you and the hard components of the seat. Resistant cushions are best for outdoor use. Sculpted or contoured foam features a textured surface that greatly changes the feel of the cushion in a way that many find comfortable. Memory foam cushions conform to the shape of your body and have a softer feel, while gel-filled foam will contour while helping to keep the seat cool when you're on the go or sitting at home. After you have determined which type of foam is ideal, you'll need to consider its size. For safety, be sure the foam is no wider than the seat. Also, keep in mind that the thicker the foam, the less you'll be able to feel the hardness of the seat below you. Not certain which type of foam is best? Check with your physical therapist or physician.

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