Lift Chairs

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Lift Chairs at Walgreens

Every year one out of every three adults aged 65 and older suffers a fall, and roughly 20 to 30 percent of these individuals suffer a moderate to severe injury as a result. Taking steps to safeguard against falls can reduce your likelihood of becoming a statistic and that means using assistive aids throughout your home to improve your safety. Lift chairs can help you avoid accidents in the living room while enhancing your comfort as you sit.

What is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a type of assistive aid that makes it easier to transition from a standing position to a seated one and from sitting back to standing. Many people who have limited mobility due to age or a disability find it difficult to lower themselves into chairs to watch television, read or simply visit with friends and family. Lift chairs decrease the distance that you must travel to sit or to stand, making it easier for you to move freely. This makes it less likely that you will fall when trying to sit or when getting up from a sitting position.

Types of Lift Chairs

There are two main lift chair options available on the market. The first type looks similar to a recliner with a high back and a flat bottom that rests near the ground on a metal frame or against the ground. With this type of design, the entire chair tilts forward when you press a power button on a remote control. The second type of lift chair resembles an armchair with wooden or metal legs. Only the seat itself tilts in this type of design. The rest of the chair remains firmly positioned against the floor. Recliner style lift chairs may allow you to lean back while you're sitting or give you the ability to elevate your feet. You can find lift chairs in a variety of colors to match your décor. Until you activate the lifting mechanism to tilt the chair or the seat, no one will be able to tell that the chair is an assistive device.

Special Features to Enhance Comfort

Some lift chairs have special features to help you feel more comfortable while you sit. Models may have mechanisms that allow them to vibrate and massage the body while you rest. This can alleviate muscle tension and encourage blood flow. Lift chairs may also be heated to make them more comfortable in cold weather or for use as a part of hot therapy recommended by a physician.

Accessories to Coordinate with Your Chair

A number of lift chair accessories are available to work with lift chairs and make them simpler to use. Some manufacturers offer ottomans to coordinate with armchair style lift chairs, giving you the ability to prop your feet up while you sit. Cup holders can be added to the sides of a lift chair or you can purchase a side table to keep items within easy reach while you sit. There are also lifting cushions that can be placed on top of any chair to transform it into a lift chair.