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Chest congestion remedies

Help relieve the discomfort that comes with a chest cold by taking chest congestion remedies. A popular ingredient in many of these cold medicines, guaifenesin helps loosen the mucus in your chest. This can make your coughs more productive and relieve congestion. You can choose between different types of tablets and liquids from brands such as Mucinex, Robitussin and Rompe Pecho to find the chest congestion remedies that work for you.

Finding your remedy

Narrow down your search for a chest congestion remedy by determining the symptoms that you want to treat. Some chest cold medicines have ingredients for soothing a sore throat, while others can also help reduce nasal congestion. Many also contain acetaminophen for pain relief and reducing a fever. You can find extended release medicines for lasting relief, as well as remedies that offer immediate relief.

Supplements and soothing lozenges

Help protect yourself from infection during cold and flu season by taking immune support supplements. Many of these immune supplements contain vitamin C to help give you a boost. If you've already come down with a cold, soothe a sore throat with lozenges or throat sprays that come in different flavors. Most contain oral anesthetics for direct relief.