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Child Car Seats

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Child car seats

Keep your baby secure with child car seats. Available in multiple styles, you can choose a baby car seat that can be modified to fit your baby as he or she grows. Some children's car seats even transition to a booster seat as your child becomes a toddler. Find a cozy, sturdy car seat from Graco here at

Safe and snug

You can choose a children's car seat that is also a carrier with a handle or one that fits into a stroller or swing frame. Many car seat styles include removable inserts that you can use when your child is a newborn and remove as he or she gets older. Cushions and harnesses are generally easily cleaned with soap and water. You can also check that the infant car seat has passed impact tests to ensure peace of mind.

Booster seats for safety

As your baby grows, choose from children's booster seats for the car with backs and arm rests in different styles. Some kids' booster seats have adjustable headrests and you can insert additional cushions for comfort. You can find booster seats that have removable backs for transitioning as your child grows. There are also booster seats for children that you can use at restaurants or kitchen tables.

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