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Christian Dior Homme

Christian Dior makes a number of different colognes and perfumes, including the Christian Dior Homme eau de toilette. The fragrance comes in both the original scent and the newer Sport Homme fragrance. Homme is just one fragrance in the extensive Christian Dior fragrance line.

Choosing an eau de toilette spray

The trick to wearing perfume is to find one that works with your body chemistry as the perfume will likely smell different when it reacts to your body. Even if you love the way the Christian Dior Homme perfume smells in the bottle, make sure that you try a small sample on your own skin. If you still enjoy the scent of the eau de toilette spray at the end of the day, you will wear it more frequently. You must also choose between the two versions because the Sport Homme and the traditional Homme scent smell slightly different.

Making your scent last

When you purchase a Christian Dior fragrance you want that scent to last after you apply it to your skin. The best place to use the fragrance is on your pulse points, including the inside of your elbows and behind your knees. The scent becomes slightly stronger when you become active throughout the day. Applying the cologne to multiple areas of the body is also helpful because it helps the scent linger on your skin. Even if you spend the day running around town or working out at the gym, you will still catch a whiff of the Christian Dior Homme on your skin.