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Clairol Hair Color

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Clairol hair color

Clairol hair color has been widely used for years and can be a great option to change your look. If you are looking for a way to boost your mood, you can brighten up your tresses and change your hairstyle. Clairol doesn't just offer hair coloring products as the company offers a wide variety of products from hair tools to shampoos and conditioners.

Choosing the right Clairol hair color system

The company has hair color lines devoted exclusively to covering gray hair as well as a rainbow of permanent hair dye choices. There is also a great selection of non-permanent hair colors, so you can try out a new shade without worry. As a courtesy to their customers, Clairol has a number on every box that you can call to receive help from experts, making it easy to choose the right coloring system for you.

Clairol hair color for men

Clairol also has a line that features men's hair color choices. Brighten up your locks or regain your youthful shade through these dyes. Tint your beard and mustache to match your new hue with ease. The company's experts are also trained to help men pick the right hair dye based on their natural hair color, skin tone and other factors. Simply blend away the grays with a product that is as easy to use as your favorite shampoo.

Other Clairol hair color products

If you love Clairol's hair color, why not try their whole system of hair care products? You can use their customized shampoos and conditioners to keep your tresses manageable and soft in between your coloring sessions. The company even offers a roots touchup system that allows you to get rid of gray roots until your next coloring.

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