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Cleansing pad

Help make cleansing a simpler part of your daily routine with cleansing pads for a variety of skin types. Cleansing cloths are pre-moistened with a cleanser and can dab away oil, makeup and dullness. Browse the selection of facial cleansers and cleansing towelettes here at Walgreens.com to find one that works best for your skin. There are also gentle cleansing cloths for the hands and body to make washing on the go easier. Top brands[Pond's, Clean & Cleae and Almay offer cleansing pads that can rejuvenate, clarify or deeply cleanse.

Cleanse and refresh

If you're prone to breakouts, choose from acne cleansing pads that work to give your skin a deep clean to help treat and prevent blemishes. If you have sensitive skin, try a gentle facial wash that doesn't contain alcohol or fragrances. There are anti-aging cleansing pads formulated to wash away dead cells and revitalize your face for increased radiance. Use cleansing pads that double as makeup remover to clean your entire face, or try eye makeup remover to remove mascara, eyeliner and more from the delicate skin around the eyes.