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Clip Barrettes

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Clip barrettes

Help secure your hairstyle with clip barrettes. Choose from a variety of shapes, colors and features such as non-slip. Hair clips here at can help create and hold many different hair styles for various hair types. Mini jaw clips and snap clips work well with short or fine hair. For curly, thick or long hair, there are jaw clips and octopus clips. Clip barrettes from popular brands scunci and Vidal Sassoon are here in assorted styles, materials and sizes for a range of hair care needs.

For style and secure hold

There are hair clips for both young girls and adults. Some hair clips for girls feature fun patterns, are brightly colored or even decorated with butterflies or flowers. There are also similar adult hair clips with bright colors, designs and flair. For a more subtle look, you can choose clips in neutral colors. Look for grips that prevent damage and the size and style that complements your outfit, your look or your hair color.

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