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There are several types of clippers available for you to use. Nail clippers can be used to cut your toenails and fingernails.Electric hair clippers are designed to trim or cut your hair. There are pet clippers available to keep your dog's hair from becoming too much of a nuisance. Each type comes in different sizes and shaped depending upon your needs.

Grooming on a budget

Rathan than spending lots of money at a nail spa or hair salon, save money by grooming at home. Using a nail clipper will keep your toe and fingernails clean and healthy. Some brands feature hair scissors that contain a nice rubber grip for easy-use. When your hair needs a trim or if you want to shave your head, you may find hair clippers of use. Often, the clippers will come in a kit complete with a variety of attachments allowing you to cut your hair at the length of your choice. Scissors and mirrors are occasionally included with these kits.

Grooming for your four-legged friends

For your furry loved ones, pet hair clippers allow you to choose how short you wish to shorn your dog's coat. There are all kinds of pet grooming supplies in addition to hair and nail clippers. There are shampoos and combs available to give your pet some love and keep their coat looking bright and healthy. Some pet grooming kits even include a DVD featuring grooming and styling kits for your pet.

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