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Cod liver oil

If your doctor has recommended that you get more of vitamins A and D, try taking a cod liver oil supplement. These cod liver oil tablets are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can promote heart health. Choose from a variety of cod liver oil products for your health from brands such as TwinLab, Scott's Emulsion and Finest Natural here at Walgreens.com. We carry softgels, liquids and tablets that you can take each day.

Choosing your supplement

If you're trying a new supplement, choose a smaller fish oil supplement bottle. Already know what you like best? Stock up on a bottle with 100 cod liver oil softgels or more. Most softgels and tablets are easy to take. There are also cod liver oil liquid supplements that come in cherry, orange, mint and other flavors.

For the whole family's wellness

Complete your vitamin and supplement supply with the other nutrients you may need. You can supplement your diet with a multivitamin for men, women or get one for the kids. Children's vitamins come in forms that are fun and tasty to help kids take them. Or you can shop by health concern to find just what the doctor may have ordered.