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Cold and flu medication

Feeling under the weather? We carry cold and flu medication to address many symptoms. Daytime and nighttime cold and flu remedies can provide relief and either help you get through the day or sleep at night. Select your preferred cold and flu medication from an array of tablets, liquids, lozenges, spray mists or powders you can add to hot water. Popular brands Vicks, TheraFlu and Alka-Seltzer offer flu and cold treatments to help get you back to 100%.

What are your symptoms?

Keep your symptoms in mind as you look for a cold and flu medication. There are specific cold medications and flu treatments, as well as combination cold and flu medicines. Find the one that treats your specific symptoms for fast relief. If you have high blood pressure, there are flu and cold medications specifically for you.

Getting relief

Walgreens.com has other options for relief from symptoms of a cold or flu. We carry sore throat treatments, pain relievers and heat therapy products to address aches and pains. You'll also find cough medicines, stomach remedies and sinus medications to help ease some of your discomfort.