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Cold Compresses

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Cold compresses

Cold compresses work like ice packs by providing dry, cool comfort to the skin when pain or swelling is present. Bumps, bruises, insect bites, toothaches, and headaches can be eased with a cold compress. It's important to keep a cold compress readily available for first aid for regular bumps and bruises at home or in the workplace.

Readily available ice packs

These ice packs are conveniently packed inside of a soft-textured fabric that is designed for skin comfort. Unlike traditional ice packs, cold compresses will not stick to your skin. Simply place the pack on the affected area to experience a reduction in discomfort right away. You will never need to place a barrier between your skin and the compress. The fabric coating that cold compresses have is durable, and the liquid inside of compresses is nontoxic.

Cold therapy directions

Cold therapy is usually an important part of rehab and pain relief routines and are extremely easy to use. After purchasing your compress, rinse it and place it inside of your freezer. Keep your cold compress inside of your freezer for at least two hours before using it to ensure that it is cool enough to provide comfort. When you are ready to use your ice cube pack, grab it out of the freezer, rinse it, and apply it to your skin. If the pack becomes too warm, placing it back in the freezer for 30 minutes will make it cool again. Cold compresses are extremely easy to use, store, and keep clean.

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