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Cold sores on lips

If you get cold sores on your lips, the best way to relieve symptoms and reduce healing time is to have a cold sore treatment on hand. Begin using your cold sore relief product as soon as you feel heat, a tingle or discomfort. You can help your cold sores on lips heal faster and easier with the selection here at Walgreens.com from brands such as Abreva, Herpecin-L and Orajel.

Options for treatment

Choose a drying gel or a one-day treatment to help cold sores on lips gradually shrink and heal. For fast relief, try a topical analgesic to target the pain that can accompany cold sores. Some medications are available in easy-to-use pumps, sanitary applicators or tubes.

Alleviate canker sores and more

Also browse canker sore relief products for sores inside the mouth. There are canker sore patches, gels and more than can alleviate discomfort and help to heal. Some canker sore treatments can even form a barrier over the canker sores to protect them and speed healing.