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Contact Lens Cleaning Solution

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Contact lens cleaning solution

Contact lens cleaning solution keeps your contact lenses clean and safe by disinfecting and removing protein deposits. We have contact lens cleaning solutions that are ready to be shipped right to your doorstep. carries several brands of contact solution including Alcon.

Soft and hard contact lens cleaners

Cleaning and disinfecting solution for soft contact lenses contains safe and highly effective hydrogen peroxide, which cleans your lenses with a bubbling action. After you rinse your lenses in the solution, you store them in a special neutralizing contact lens case that breaks the peroxide down into a solution that is very similar to your own tears. Once you let the lenses soak for at least six hours, you can take them out of the lens case and begin wearing them as usual. Contact lens cleaning solution for hard lenses contains a special combination of chemicals that thoroughly disinfect rigid gas permeable lenses. Use hard contact lens cleaner according to the package instructions.

Choosing a contact lens cleaning solution

If your optometrist recommends a particular type of contact lens cleaner, use only that type of cleaner and do not change brands without advice from your contact lens specialist. If you wear hard contact lenses, you can use a hard contact lens cleaner or a product that is labeled for both hard and soft contact lenses. Make sure to read the package instructions, especially if you are using lens cleaning solution for the first time. Some solutions are available in small bottles as well as money-saving large bottles and two-packs. Keep a small bottle of contact lens cleaning solution in your office drawer or school locker, and save money by stocking up on our two-packs.

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