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Contact Lenses Cleaner

With contact lenses, you can enjoy clearer vision without having to wear eyeglasses that can become fogged up, covered with water droplets or smeared with fingerprints during your day. While contact lenses help you avoid the daily problems that come with wearing eyeglasses, they do require care of their own to keep them working well and to keep your eyes in the best of health. One of the most important parts of contact care is the daily use of a contact lens cleanser. Cleaner products contain ingredients that loosen particles that build up on your contacts during the day. These particles include dust, pollen and debris that can irritate the eyes. Many of these tiny particles cannot be removed simply by rinsing your contacts, making cleaners necessary. Typically, contact lenses should be cleaned when you take them out for the day and then soaked in a disinfectant solution to fight bacteria. Always follow your eye doctor's recommendations regarding the best way to care for your contact lenses.

Selecting the Ideal Cleaner for Your Contacts

Contact lens cleaners come in many different forms, and Walgreens has a wide selection of products to meet your needs.Daily cleaners may be formulated specifically for hard or for soft contacts, or they may be multi-purpose formulas that can be used for all types of lenses. Some cleaners are for those with sensitive eyes and contain gentle ingredients. In addition to daily cleaners, you will also find enzymatic cleaners at Walgreens. These products are used for deeper cleaning and help to remove proteins that can accumulate on contact lenses with continual wear. Your eye doctor will let you know if you need to use an enzymatic cleaner and how often you should use one. If your eye doctor has given you the name of a specific cleaning product to use on a daily basis or for enzymatic cleaning, it is important that you follow your doctors' recommendations and purchase only the suggested formula. In the event that you're unsure which contact lens cleaner is right for you, talk to your eye doctor before completing your purchase at Walgreens.