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Contact Lens Solution

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More information about Contact Lens Solution

Contact lenses can be a great option for people looking to correct vision issues without the need for glasses. Over 45 million Americans wear contact lenses, and there are many different kinds of contact lenses made specially to meet each individual’s vision needs. If you’re interested in contact lenses and they’re the right choice for you, an eye specialist can evaluate your vision and provide a prescription. Caring for your contact lenses is an important part of keeping your eyes healthy, and contact solution is used to help keep your lenses properly cleaned and stored. There are a variety of contact lens solutions available to meet your needs. Visit a Walgreens store or check out the online product selection to find the best option for you.

What is contact solution?

Contact solution is a product that disinfects and cleans contact lenses. People who wear reusable contact lenses that can be worn more than once must use contact solution to keep the lenses clean and safe for use.

There are two main types of contact solution: multipurpose and hydrogen peroxide based.

  • Multipurpose solution comes in different formulas, depending on the type of contact lens you use, including soft lenses and gas-permeable lenses.
  • Hydrogen peroxide-based solution is another option that may be suitable for people who experience irritation from multipurpose solution. However, hydrogen peroxide-based solutions must be neutralized with plain saline before inserting contacts in the eyes in order to prevent stinging and burning. Some products contain a neutralizer, while other two-step products require a separate neutralizing tablet to make the lenses safe for use.

Make sure to read the contact solution labels carefully and follow the instructions. Speak with your healthcare provider or eye specialist, or ask a Walgreens pharmacist if you need help choosing a contact lens solution.

How often should I change my contact lens solution?

Contact lens solution should be replaced each time you take out and store your contact lenses. Most people choose to use multipurpose solution, which involves rubbing and rinsing the lens with the solution each time you remove your lenses, and then storing them in fresh solution. When you’re ready to put your lenses back in your eyes, rub and rinse the case with fresh solution, dispose of the old solution and dry the case that stores your lenses.

Do not wear your lenses for longer than your healthcare provider recommends. Most people remove their lenses overnight. Contact lenses should not be worn overnight unless you wear a special type that’s approved for overnight wear. Walgreens offers a wide variety of multipurpose contact lens solutions in a variety of sizes, including travel size and starter kits, for different kinds of contact lenses. Other kinds of solution, such as hydrogen peroxide-based solution, are also available at Walgreens.

Is there any difference between contact solutions?

There are different kinds of contact solutions available to meet individual needs, usually depending on the type of lenses. Always check the label to purchase the appropriate solution for the lenses you’re using, either hard or soft contacts.

The two main types of contact solution are multipurpose solution and hydrogen peroxide-based solution. Most people use multipurpose solution, but for people who experience eye irritation or allergic reactions to multipurpose solution, hydrogen peroxide or saline-based solution may be an appropriate alternative. It’s important to remember that hydrogen peroxide-based solution must be neutralized before the lenses are put back in the eye. Some products contain the neutralizer, while others require it to be added as a second step. There are travel sizes, value sizes and special formulations for sensitive eyes.

Your healthcare provider or eye specialist can talk with you about the different kinds of contact solution. Walgreens pharmacists are available to help you choose the best option for your needs in stores or online 24/7 with Walgreens Pharmacy Chat.

Can you use any contact solution for hard contacts?

Hard contact lenses, also called rigid gas-permeable (RGPs) lenses, are made from a different material than soft lenses. It’s important to select products formulated specifically for hard lenses, although some multipurpose solutions can be used for either type of lens. You should always check the label before purchasing solution and ask for help if you need it. Hard lenses require cleaning and disinfecting as with any contact lenses, and many formulas made especially for hard contacts are available for purchase in stores or online at Walgreens.

Does contact solution expire?

Contact solution does expire, and the expiration date can be found on the bottle. Do not use contact solution that has gone past its expiration date, as the efficacy of the solution may change past this date, which can increase risk of infection. Throw out any contact solution that has expired and talk to your eye specialist or healthcare provider about choosing a new solution to keep your eyes healthy and safe.

How to clean contact lenses

For people using reusable contact lenses, it’s important to keep them clean in order to prevent eye infections and irritation. For most people, this means taking your contact lenses out each night and cleaning them and preparing them for wear the next day. To clean most contact lenses, rub and rinse them with contact solution and keep them in fresh contact solution in your lens storage case. Rub and rinse the contacts with new solution each time you put the lenses back in your eye, and be sure to rinse and dry your lens storage case after each use. Reusable lenses are usually intended to be replaced after seven to 30 days. Instructions for cleaning may vary depending on the type of lenses you use, so always consult with a healthcare provider or eye specialist about the best way to clean and care for your contact lenses. Walgreens offers many choices for contact lens solution, and a team member or pharmacist can help you find what you need.