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CoverGirl concealer

Cover up blemishes, redness and dark circles with CoverGirl concealer that can give you an even, natural-looking skin tone. Certain concealers from CoverGirl can work better with specific skin types, so choose between liquid concealer, concealer cream and concealer sticks to find your ideal match. Here at, our selection of CoverGirl concealers even includes products from the Simply Ageless line that helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Perfecting your skin tone

Some CoverGirl concealers are made specifically for the delicate skin around your eyes. You can choose an under eye concealer that blends with the tone of your face, or go with one that helps to brighten the area around your eyes for a ready-for-anything look. Simply Ageless eye correctors contain Olay serums that help suspend the makeup over fine lines to help the concealer from gathering inside them.

For your skin, eyes and more

To mask dark spots or redness, use your CoverGirl concealer before putting on your foundation. For a seamless blend, choose a CoverGirl foundation that will match your skin tone and the shade of your concealer. You can also add a healthy tint to your face with blush that comes in mousse, mineral and pressed powder forms. CoverGirl eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara comes in many different colors for day and evening looks.