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Covergirl Eyeliner

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CoverGirl eyeliner

Make your eyes appear larger and more defined by using a CoverGirl eyeliner. You can choose your eyeliner based on the look you want, whether it's a precise, thin line in a dark shade or a defining line in a high-pigment color. Covergirl eyeliner available here at includes both eyeliner pencils and liquid eyeliners in a range of shades to meet your preference.

Bring out your eyes

Going for a smoky look? Try a CoverGirl eyeliner pencil that comes with a smudger to help blend your liner into your eye shadow. You can also use these versatile pencil eyeliners to create a fine line. Liquid CoverGirl eyeliner comes in a pen form with a precise felt tip. This makes it easy to apply both thick, bold lines and precise, thin ones depending on the look you're trying to create.

More beauty supplies

Besides their selection of eyeliner, CoverGirl offers a wide range of additional beauty products. Look for a concealer and foundation in a shade that matches your skin tone closely. You can highlight your cheekbones or give your skin a healthy glow with CoverGirl blush and bronzers. Other eye makeup includes an assortment of mascara, eye shadow and brow pencils. If you want to give your lips a little color, check out CoverGirl lipstick and lip gloss that comes in a range of colors.

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