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Creed Fragrance

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Creed fragrance

Creed fragrance products for men and women represent elegance and timeless quality. While premium Creed fragrance products are usually associated with traditional masculine and feminine scents, Creed also offers more modern variations on classic fragrance themes.

Creed eau de parfum for women

Creed fragrances for women are available in long-lasting, but subtle eau de parfum formats. You can select traditional floral fragrances from Creed, such as Spring Flower, or enjoy the original scent of Love in White, which combines floral scents with other feminine fragrances, including vanilla and sandalwood. Love in Black is another women's perfume from Creed that is based on floral scents, in particular iris and rose. Other Creed fragrance products for women that you can order and have shipped to you or purchase as a gift for the woman you love include Creed Virgin Island Water eau de parfum, which has a citrus and bergamot scent and is available as an eau de toilette spray.

Creed fragrance for men

Varieties of Creed fragrance for men include time-honored classic men's colognes, such as Creed Vetiver, which combines the traditional scent of the herb vetiver with natural ginger and cedar. Green Irish Tweed conveys the timeless image of an Irish tweed jacket, and Royal Water is similar to Creed's traditional scent for men. Those who prefer a lighter and more modern men's fragrance will appreciate Santal eau de toilette, which adds orange and coriander for a refreshing scent that is bolstered by notes of vanilla and tonka beans. Any of these fragrances make an ideal gift for men who appreciate the finer things in life.

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