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Dental Repair

Most people have a few fillings in their mouth and maybe even a crown or two. You count on them to stay in place but it doesn't always work out that way. Even a perfectly-placed filling can come out unexpectedly. Biting into something hard like pistachios or ice can fracture a filling or cause it to drop out. Why does it happen? Fillings undergo a lot of wear and tear. After all, they have to stand up to the pressure of biting and chewing. If a filling falls out, the goal should be to see a dentist as soon as possible. Unfortunately, fillings often drop out at the worst of times - like the weekend when your dentist isn't available. Try not to panic&as there are options. Walgreens offers a variety of temporary dental filling and cap repair kits as well as other materials. With these specialty kits you can repair lost fillings and mend a loosened, lost or fractured crown until you can get in to see your dentist. The filling kit includes materials and instructions for temporarily mending a lost filling at home. How easy is it to use? Once you've removed the material from the vial, shape it between your fingers and press it into the area where the filling was. After biting down to remove the excess material, you're good to go until you can see your dentist&which of course you'll need to do as soon as possible.

Other Types of Dental Repair Products

It's also annoying when a dental cap or crown loosens. Caps are placed over teeth to protect them. Once attached, they're held in place by cement. In most cases, the bond between the cap and the underlying tooth is strong, but permanent crowns can sometimes unexpectedly become loose or fall out. Your dentist will need to re-cement the cap permanently, but until you can get an appointment, you may want to try one of the dental repair kits available at Walgreens in order to hold it into place. Temporarily fixing a loose crown is important not only for mouth comfort but to protect the fragile tooth underneath. If you leave the tooth uncovered, you risk biting down on something too hard and fracturing the tooth, causing even further problems and additional discomfort. Some of these kits require no mixing and potentially even provide a bond that's strong enough in order for you to be able to eat in the interim. The products are said to be non-toxic as well. If you have crowned teeth, it's prudent to keep some repair kits around in case the unexpected happens. You'll certainly be glad you did!