Denture Cleansing Tablets

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Denture cleansing tablets

Do your best to maintain good oral hygiene with denture cleansing tablets. These denture cleansers can kill bacteria that cause bad breath, and some antibacterial denture cleansers can even work to remove stains for a whiter smile. Denture cleansing tablets are available here at from brands Polident, Fixodent and more to help your mouth stay fresh and healthy.

Caring for your dentures

In addition to denture cleansing tablets, we also carry other types of denture cleaners, from powders to paste. You can even choose your adhesive cream for dentures or denture adhesive strips to help get a secure fit. For a better hold on older dentures, try a denture cushion. And for daily care, there are denture brushes and denture toothpaste available here as well.