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Designer fragrances

Designer fragrances are scented beauty products that imitate the fragrance of some of the most popular perfumes. They are cost-effective alternatives to your favorite perfumes. Scented spray products that imitate designer perfumes as well as some nationally-known body sprays or body mist.

Fragrance types

Fragrances packaged as body sprays can be used all over your body, leaving behind a light touch of fragrance that will mask unpleasant odors and last all through the day. For this reason, they are also known as deodorant body sprays and can be worn on a daily basis to ensure that you smell good no matter where you go. Designer fragrances are available for both men and women, and some products are versatile enough to be used by just about anyone. Because the selection is so vast, you can limit your choices down to a favorite few by determining what sort of scents you like. From sweet to citrusy, these body sprays are sure to have a fragrance that meets your needs.

Fragrance bottles

Designer fragrances come in easy-to-use and elegant bottles designed for the purpose of applying the fragrance all over your body. Larger in size than ordinary perfumes, these spray cans are designed to contain more fragrance, so you can spray it liberally over your body on a daily basis. They also come with large caps that are easily removed and placed onto the can to keep the spray nozzle clean.