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Dior fragrances

Christian Dior is the name and face behind a popular clothing line and the Dior fragrances line. The perfumes and sprays come in multiple scents, including spicy perfumes and floral fragrances.

Choosing an eau de toilette

Perfumes come in multiple types and you might not know what each type means. Dior fragrances come in an eau de toilette spray, which has a more intense spray that lasts longer than other varieties. The body mist version has a lighter scent that does not last as long as an eau de toilette spray. Whether you choose the Forever and Ever scent or the Hypnotic spray, you want your perfume to last until you get home at night. The body mist versions are better for those days when you want just a touch of scent. Choose the heavier eau de toilette spray when you want a heavier fragrance.

Making your fragrance last

You might feel tempted to leave your perfume bottles sitting out because the Dior fragrances come in such stylish bottles. If you store those bottles in areas with natural sunshine, you reduce the scent of those fragrances. The sunshine reflects off the bottle, which raises the temperature of the liquid inside. Over time, you might notice that your scent isn't as strong as it was before. The best place to store your favorite cologne is in a cool and dark place. This makes your perfume last for years.