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Disinfecting Contact Solution

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Disinfecting contact solution

For comfortable daily wear, keeping your contact lenses clean is essential. To wash away protein and fight bacteria, choose a disinfecting contact solution. You can keep your eyes healthy and safe from infection by using these contact solutions. Here at, you'll find contact lens cleaners, contact cases and more from a selection of brands such as Alcon, RevitaLens and Clear Care.

Care for contacts

Some disinfecting contact solution can help your lenses stay wet throughout the day. You can also cushion your lenses with a layer of soothing moisture with a conditioning contact solution. Browse the multi-purpose contact lens solution available to disinfect, condition and store your lenses. You'll even find solutions that are gentle enough for sensitive eyes.

Contact lens care and accessories

If your contacts become dry throughout the day, try rewetting drops to help moisten and comfort. Contact lens eye drops can be used safely while you're wearing your lenses. For sanitary storage of your contacts, choose a contact lens case from a variety of options. Fashion contact lens cases can be colorful and functional, and there are also contact cases that make it easy for you to find your lenses before wearing them.

Contact lens reordering

Here at, you can also refill contact lens prescriptions from your eye care practitioner. Browse the multifocal lenses, weekly disposables, monthly disposables and other types from top vision care brands Focus/Dailies, Acuvue, SofLens Biomedics and more to find your prescribed contact lenses.

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