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Multifocal Contact Lenses

Allowing for two or more prescription options in each lens, multifocal contact lenses are great for people with presbyopia and for those who want the freedom from reading glasses. Soft lenses are great for transitioning to multifocal contacts because they make it easy for the eye to adjust. There are many daily lenses that are both permanent and disposable.

Moisturizing and cleaning

Keep your contacts clean and moisturized. Rewetting drops from popular brands, such as Opti-Free or Visine, help fight dryness and discomfort in your eyes. If you feel chronic discomfort or dryness, check to make sure that your lenses are not too tight and to ensure that you are not having a reaction to the lens material. While moisturizing is important, it is even more crucial to keep your lenses clean. Using an enzymatic cleaner once a week helps eliminate protein buildup on your lenses that potentially affect the performance and comfort of the lenses.