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Disposable Shavers

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Disposable shavers

Take your pick of two-, three- or four-blade disposable shavers here at There are disposable razors for men and women, including sensitive skin shavers for each. Disposable shavers come in packages with various quantities, so you can keep a supply on hand. Choose a multi-blade disposable razor from Bic or Noxzema.

For the best shave

Decide how many blades you need to help narrow down your disposable shaver choices. You may find twin-blade razors sufficient or you might need the added effectiveness of a 4-blade shaver. Select a disposable shaver that has a comfortable grip made of rubber or other non-slip material. Some ladies disposable razors have scented handles to improve the overall shaving experience.

Before and after you shave

Prepare your skin for shaving with shaving gel or cream to soften skin and hair follicles. Shaving lotions can also help minimize razor bumps and skin irritation. After you have shaved, apply a moisturizer or aftershave lotion to soothe your skin. You can also find aftershave balms if your skin needs extra conditioning hydration.

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