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Dry Erase Boards

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Dry erase boards

Take notes of phone calls, appointments and other reminders with dry erase boards. Our selection of these items includes sizes that are easy to mount in your home. Most dry erase boards come with a marker that's held in place with a clip, and some feature magnets so they also function as bulletin boards. You can get creative with your dry erase board from The Board Dudes, Crayola or Pacon, since your doodles will wash right off.

For organization and creativity

Besides dry erase boards that you use for organization and planning, there are boards for other purposes, as well. You can write or draw on dry erase poster board for presentation after presentation, so you won't have to buy new poster board. There are even boards for dry erase crayons that the little ones can have fun with.

A rainbow of colors and more

While most dry erase boards come with a dry erase marker, there are many other colors available. Make sure you use proper dry erase markers with your board to keep it clean and mark-free. Choose between fine and chisel tip dry erase markers to make the lines you want. Chisel tip markers can draw both bold lines and fine ones.

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