Ed Hardy Hearts And Daggers

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Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers

All Ed Hardy fans can wear Ed Hardy Hearts & Daggers. There are versions of Hearts and Daggers for both men and women. Men can get Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers gift sets that include cologne sprays in two sizes and a shower gel. Women can choose between two different sizes of Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers eau de parfum sprays. Shop for your preferred Ed Hardy Hearts and Daggers products here at Walgreens.com.

Complimentary scents

If you and your partner both enjoy the Hearts and Daggers fragrance, being able to get the scent in both the men's and women's versions is a treat. If men buy or are given the four-piece Hearts and Daggers gift set they can layer the fragrance starting with the shower gel, then deodorant and finally the cologne spray.

So many fragrances to choose from

There are a number of fragrances here to choose from for both men and women. You can even find unisex fragrances. Women can choose between fruity, floral and fresh perfumes, while men can decide between earthy, wood-, and musk-scented colognes. There are many fragrances that also offer versions for both men and women so you and your partner can find complimentary colognes.