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Electric Lift Chairs

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Electric Lift Chairs

When you or a loved one has certain mobility issues, it can sometimes feel like it's difficult to live a normal life. Even seemingly simple tasks like standing up from a chair can be hard to accomplish if you have problems with your back or your knees.

Electric lift chairs take some of the burden off of your body by helping you transition more easily from sitting to standing. You can find an assortment of these useful pieces of furniture here at Walgreens. You may be surprised at how much of a difference they can make in your life.

Benefits of an Electric Lift Chair

Studies have shown that one of the most difficult actions for people with limited mobility to perform regularly is standing up from a seated position--especially from a chair that is designed to be comfortable to sit in. Whether you struggle with muscle weakness, joint pain, or stability issues, you might be wary about whether you can get your feet underneath you safely. Lift chairs can help eliminate some of the uncertainty by doing most of the work for you. The electronic mechanism found within these chairs tilts them forward so that you don't have to make as many extreme movements to securely support your own weight. These products can help promote a greater level of independence among users and can help provide peace of mind.

Types of Lift Chairs

You'll be able to choose between three basic options for electric lift chairs.

  • Two-position chairs can be used like a regular arm chair that also tilts forward to help you get up.
  • Three-position power chairs introduce the ability to recline as well, and they include a footrest that rises as the chair back tilts backward.
  • Infinite-position lift chairs give the user more flexibility. The amount that you recline can vary based on your preferences. Most of these chairs are able to tilt all the way flat so that they can also be used for sleeping.

All three varieties of electric lift chairs are very easy to use when standing up because the electric mechanism is designed to tilt forward as smoothly as possible and help you get your balance easily.

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