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Elf Costume

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Elf Costume

Need to dress up like one of Santa's little helpers? Walgreens can help you get the perfect elf costume for a Christmas party, a family celebration, a Halloween party or for professional wear in a mall, store or other public place.

Festive Costumes for Everyone

Elves are a classic symbol of Christmastime, making elf costumes highly recognizable and very popular. The manufacturers of top quality costumes offer many types of elf costumes to meet the needs of those who want to dress up like the legendary Christmas toymakers. Some elf costumes are unisex designs that can be worn by both men and women, while others are made especially for women and feature more feminine designs like skirts and tights. You can even find elf costumes for pets to let dogs and cats get in on the Christmas fun!

Completing Your Elf Costume

Each elf costume will come with its own collection of pieces. Most will provide a classic elf hat and something to be worn over the chest, while others are more complete and also include leggings or pants and traditional elf shoes. If you choose a costume that does not have all of the apparel essentials, you can purchase accessories to complete your look from the collection at Walgreens. You don't have to be limited only to costume accessories when putting together your complete elf outfit. Ordinary tights and pantyhose can be used to put finishing touches on an ensemble. You may also want to purchase a wig, elf ears or cosmetics to enhance your festive elf look.

Getting the Right Size

One of the most important things to consider when selecting an elf costume is which size will provide you with a comfortable, flattering fit. Some costumes are one size fits all, meaning that they are cut loose to suit people of a wide range of body shapes and sizes. Other costumes are sold in specific number sizes or in size categories like Small, Medium and Large. Shoes are usually sized by numbers and may be labeled with men's or women's shoe sizes. Accessories like wigs and hats are typically one size fits all adults.

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