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Elmers Glue

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Elmer's glue

For crafting, repairs, or school projects, Elmer's glue can work for you. This trusted brand name is synonymous with dependable glue. Choose Elmer's Glue-All for miscellaneous tasks, or stock up on glue sticks for your kids. Elmer's glue is available here at in different forms and packaging for your varying needs.

School glue

Besides multi-purpose glue that's great for having around the house, other liquid glue from Elmer's includes school glue. Elmer's school glue is washable and non-toxic, so you don't have to worry about your kids or students ruining clothes or eating the glue. It also dries clear, so if little ones aren't exactly precise, it won't cover up their precious drawings or cut-outs.

Glue sticks and more

Also great for children are Elmer's glue sticks. These all-purpose glues also dry clear and don't make a mess, since they don't drip, run or smear easily. Choose between white or disappearing purple glue sticks that help you see where you've applied the glue. Adults can use glue sticks, too - they're perfect for sealing envelopes and other office tasks. For scrapbooking or other crafts, there's Elmer's rubber cement that comes with a brush applicator.

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