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Emporio Armani Cologne

Fashion and style, for both men and women, springs from an inner sense of self. Fragrances are a part of a complete identity and self-expression to which Emporio Armani Cologne is an important contribution. Created for a youthful lifestyle and sensibility, but with an ageless luxuriousness, the fragrance in this line provides a harmonious accompaniment to an entire sense of style. It has the timeless quality of youthful vibrancy. Made for both women and men, Emporio Armani Cologne fragrances are distilled from the most precious and carefully selected ingredients gathered from around the world.

Fresh, Tender, Irresistible

The perfumers in the design house of Georgio Armani who developed the Emporio Armani Cologne successfully crossed the boundary between the sexes, while maintaining the unique needs of the individual. Captured in the eau de toilette, body wash and parfum forms, the scents provide a balance that shows the confidence of youth. On the feminine side, a fresh, imaginative blend of delicate florals, the freshness of heliotrope, almond scents and cedar wood, all harmonizing in a sensual, yet tender, atmosphere. For men, the fresh, woodsy theme is maintained with a daring and exciting mixture. The scent begins with the fresh, refined sense of an Italian citrus-bergamot blend, but then is enlivened with a burst of vibrant Szechuan pepper. The fragrance's subtle power is achieved through the use of the finest botanicals available, establishing a rich quality to the depth and range of notes they impart.

The Excitement of Armani

In the world of fashion, no name carries a greater sense of freedom of expression than Armani. Beginning with clothing and accessories for men and women, Giorgio Armani later began to create fragrances. Emporio Armani Cologne provides another dimension for Armani's designs for young, active men and women who live in the modern cities of the world. Armani described his philosophy of his fragrances as being an exclusive, luminous language constructed around a lifestyle, interpreting the world's most precious ingredients through the imagination.