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Estee Lauder Perfumes

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Estee Lauder perfumes

Fruity, floral, spicy or natural scents are available from the assortment of Estee Lauder perfumes here at Estee Lauder women's perfumes come in a number of fragrances, so you can find one to wear during the day, one for night and another for special occasions. Estee Lauder cologne for men includes those with wood, spices, or citrus notes.

A fragrance for every occasion

When you're searching for your next signature scent, be sure to give a new perfume a couple of minutes before you make a decision. You immediately smell the top note of the fragrance, but it will take a minute or two before the middle and bottom notes emanate. If you don't want to stick to one fragrance, you can buy an Estee Lauder perfume for every season, every occasion or every section of your wardrobe.

Apply with care

When you apply your Estee Lauder cologne or perfume, spray it on your skin from 2-3 inches away. Avoid spraying the fragrance directly on your clothes. You can even try mixing and matching Estee Lauder perfumes. Spray one fragrance on your shoulders and neck and another one on the backs of your legs for a layered scent.

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