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Extra Large Anti Embolism Stockings

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Extra large anti-embolism stockings

Based on your doctor's orders, extra large anti-embolism stockings may be able to meet your health needs and improve circulation. We carry different colors and styles for you to choose from. Closed toe anti-embolism stockings come in white and beige and are available in knee or thigh-high length. Brands such as Kendall and Truform offer extra large anti-embolism stockings for your comfort and care.

Proper care

Be sure to follow the care instructions for your anti-embolism stockings to get the maximum wear. With proper laundering, and if you avoid lotions or ointments that cause damage when they come in contact with the stockings, you can prolong the life of your medical hosiery. It?s also important to find anti-embolism hosiery that fits well. Some extra large anti-embolism stockings even come in extra length for a comfortable fit.

Post-surgical medical hosiery

In our home medical department, you?ll find a large range of post-surgical hosiery. From support socks to thigh high compression stockings, we offer an assortment of sizes, styles, lengths and compression levels of clinical hosiery for you to choose from. Compression stockings and support knee highs come in a range of colors and styles for work or more casual wear. In addition to anti-embolism stockings there are diabetic socks and women's support pantyhose.

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