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Eye Makeup Remover Pads

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Eye makeup remover pads

Even if you have a good facial cleanser, eye makeup remover pads help to ensure that you get every last trace of stubborn cosmetics. This is especially true in the instances of waterproof face paint varieties. Many brands of remover also contain extra skin care ingredients as bonuses. There are eye makeup remover pads from brands like Almay and Neutrogena available at

Choosing the right eye makeup remover pads

If you have a favorite line of cosmetics or skin care products already, see if that brand also has eye makeup remover pads. If your favorite company doesn't manufacturer them, try out a few different varieties to see which are right for you. If you have sensitive skin, look for pads that are labeled as gentle. If you are having problems with fine lines or wrinkles, choose a brand that also has skin firming properties. Many brands also have natural ingredient bases for those consumers that would rather not use synthetic chemicals to take off their makeup.

Other cosmetic remover products

Some of the other makeup remover products can also be used to clean off eye makeup. Read the instructions carefully, though. Some beauty products are not meant to be used near your eyes because of the risk of irritation and even damage to the sensitive area. Other removers that are formulated to clean off eye cosmetics come in creams and serums that you spread on with a sponge or cotton ball and wash off. One of the main conveniences of most eye makeup remover pads is that you rarely need to rinse off the area after using them.

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