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Eyebrow Makeup

Beautiful brows accentuate your eyes, bringing out their shape and color. Perfecting your eyebrows with cosmetics can help you get a gorgeous look to complement your features, and Walgreens has all of the eyebrow makeup products that you need to sculpt, shape, define and otherwise perfect your brows.

Pencils and Pens for Defining

Defining the shape of your eyebrows can bring polish to a makeup look, and eyebrow pencils and pens are the perfect way to accentuate the contours of the brows. Pencils are easy to blend and can be smudged to create a natural look alone, while pens are very quick and easy to use to produce more dramatic lines. Eyebrow pencils and pens come in different colors, and you'll want to choose a hue that is as close to your natural hair color as possible. If you're purchasing an eyebrow pencil, you may also want to buy an eyebrow pencil sharpener to keep the point honed from use to use.

Creams and Powders for Darkening

Enhancing the color of your eyebrows can help you to call attention to your eyes and allow you to fill in wispy spots that have been over-plucked or that simply grow more sparsely. Cream eyebrow makeup produces darker coloration and is usually applied with the fingertips or with a makeup brush. Powdered eyebrow makeup gives a lighter, blend-able color and is put on with a sponge applicator or a cosmetic brush. Many women choose to first define their brows with a pencil or pen and then color over their eyebrows with a cream or powder to complete their eyebrow looks.

Solutions for Taming and Shaping

If your lashes are unruly, there are cosmetic products that can help you tame them. These products include clear mascara formulas and clear gels that can be used on their own or applied prior to other brow cosmetics. You can also find brow stencils that you can use when you're waxing or tweezing your eyebrows to help you get the perfect arch and shape. Eyebrow combs and brushes are another type of handy tool that you can use both for grooming and styling your brows.