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Eyebrow Shapers

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Eyebrow Shapers at Walgreens

For removing and shaping your brows or any unwanted facial hair, try eyebrow shapers. You can choose either an electric shaper or disposable blade tools. Either option will make quick work of unruly or unwanted facial hair. Eyebrow shapers make it easy to shape your brows the way you desire. The delicate features of these multi-purpose tools make it convenient to use them for any facial hair removal.

Eyebrow Shaping Options

In addition to the blade or electric eyebrow shapers we also carry a wide selection of tweezers to help you shape your brows. For precision plucking, you'll find different edges, grips and sizes. There are slant tip tweezers to help secure the hair you're trying to remove and rubber or textured tweezer grips for easier handling. Compact tweezers can fit in your purse or a pocket for easier portability.

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